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  Offering sessions in piano and performance coaching.

 Peggy truly cares about her students and is always there to support them in being a successful musician.  She encourages her students to perform with her regularly at various locations which is a great  confidence builder. With Peggy's voice coaching, my daughter landed leading roles in various Broadway  musical plays. I highly recommend Peggy as a teacher!  - Cristina P.


Peggy Mira is an excellent musician and piano teacher. As an adult student I am thriving under her tutelage. She is always upbeat and encouraging, her knowledge of music theory is deep, and she always knows the next step I need in building a solid base with the piano. Highly recommended. – Merle P.

Peggy is a great piano teacher and makes learning the piano very enjoyable. Volunteering and playing for Sunrise Assisted Living is also very fun. - Natalie B.

Ms. Peggy is an excellent piano teacher that combines ear training, music reading, composing and so much more in her curriculum.  She makes piano playing a lot of fun and really customizes the learning to each individual student. - Anna C.


As your teacher, I enjoy being with you on your musical journey.  You will be encouraged along the way, nudged through the challenges, and celebrated in your successes.  

I am currently teaching at Pacific Ridge High School in Carlsbad, CA as part of their after-school program.  

Common Questions About Music Lessons

What age is recommended to start piano lessons?
The general answer I give is to start around 7 years old.  Our hands are a bit more developed at this stage.  There are fun classes for younger children offered at music stores locally. I recommend these classes as your child will enjoy exploring music with other children. 

Do I have to have a piano to take piano lessons?
You will need either a piano or keyboard.  Some people find a keyboard an affordable way to start.  Keyboards do not offer the same ability to create sound using touch.  They often have a touch sensitivity feature however the keys are not weighted as with a piano or digital piano.  Should you or your child want to continue with piano after a time then a piano or digital piano is recommended.

What age is recommended to start voice lessons?
This is a great question!  In today's world we see young people with voices beyond their years competing on shows.  Private voice lessons do not mature the voice.  They train and enhance the voice.  It's fun to sing along with a favorite singer on our own and with others.  Singing together creates a unique bond.  Carpool Karaoke is quite popular!   In a singing lesson when it's just you it can feel a little more self conscious and some find it harder to relax one on one.  Don't let that deter you.  Give it a try.  There are various activities that a person may be involved in such as a chorus, a musical, a talent show, or community showcase.  Private lessons can be a fun and engaging way to increase confidence and ability.

Am I too old to start?

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching focuses on your overall stage presence and style, including movement and expression both physically and instrumentally.

Why do people take a performance coaching session?
They may be preparing for an audition or a show.  A personal session or two can help to fine-tune your performance.

Performance Coaching
Create confidence through preparation
Create a moment that reaches into the heart of the audience
What to do if you forget the words.
Enjoying the moment no matter what happens

Audition Preparation: We explore…
Choice of song
How to speak and sing as that character
How to move as that character
Creating an effective audition within the audition’s requirements
Being happy with yourself no matter what happens

How much do lessons cost?
My pricing is comparable to lessons in the southern California area.  Please contact me for pricing.